About us

Paramount Manufactory Ltd was formed in 2010, our mission to find and provide you the products that help you throughout your business or study journey.


One team has always been committed to a quest of excellence. To the Paramount family nothing is more important than safety, stable and durable. We work persistently to innovate and deliver to you with best-in-class stationery. We hope that products we produce can help to make business and study easier.

Equipped with advanced technologies and professional expertise. Paramount is able to offer quality stationery, One Stop Solution, to cope with different needs of our customers.  A Since the factory established in 2010, Paramount is continually to diversify in business scope, covering binder, gift box, clipboard, ring, door lock, watch strap, paper, plastics and metal stationery. Paramount also handles a provides R&D, Innovation and different kinds of fulfillment services to fulfill customers’ expectation.